How Veterans Found Solace and Recovery, Conquering Waves at a Time

In the onslaught of the Covid pandemic, plans have been put on hold, mental health has been down and emotional states are going spiral. Amidst these, we continue to push forward and link arms to fight our battles as one. Especially veterans who have waltzed through death and back, to give their service to the country and have earned scars along the way. There are numerous ways veterans can receive care from the community, and heal these scars or at the very least alleviate its after-effects. By simply talking to someone, and/or engaging in an activity that can get one up and running mentally, physically, and emotionally is just some of them.  Surfing therapy is also a must-do option for those who relish riding the waves under the sun. 

Driven together by the same mission, which is to aid veterans and love for surfing. Evan Moon –Founder and CEO of Battlescar Initiative, Tony Lynch- One More Wave’s Ambassador, and Christian Surfers Oahu, surfed with our veterans last Saturday, March 20, 2021, to provide veterans an indelible surfing therapy experience. It was a day-long sharing, interaction, and giving support to veterans who want to climb up that surfing board and conquer each wave like the brave heroes that they are. The astounding amount of support from donations has not just provided the equipment but also made raising mental health awareness possible in these trying times. 

 The awe-inspiring surfing event that transpired at Honolulu Ewa Beach at White Plains, Hawaii proved how big of an impact every individual support can do on our heroic veteran community. Presently, the continuous mission has brought 20,000 people and counting, into the water. These speak volumes of what a community can achieve if we care,  if everybody lends a hand, and if we are helping heroes heal one wave at a time. 

 Together, the attendees were able to rediscover themselves, replenish their spirits, enjoy the heat, and build strong connections with comrades made in their fight for recovery. One individual that inspired fellow veterans is Buster Kawasaki. Leaving his wheelchair and riding a surfboard, getting through each wave valiantly, It was without a doubt a sight that evokes hope and determination.

By the end of the day, efforts have been prolific as ear-to-ear smiles appear on our veteran’s faces, another moment captured on camera. In the pursuit of continuing this mission, this April 17th at the crack of 7 AM Hawaii Standard time, the next event is decided, to bring more veterans at sea.  

These successes promises more to come! 

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