we can increase our survival rate together

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If you are a veteran who needs help we want to hear from you there is no catch here just a group of others who know how you feel


We heal by helping you

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We don’t take ourselves to seriously and we ask the same of you

Frequently asked questions

What are the current meeting schedules?
What if I am not yet a service-connected disabled veteran or I am in need of more information?

If you are a veteran who is looking for assistance with your service-connected disability process, you came to the right place. New or existing claimants could benefit from this resource. Our comprehensive guide will help you with your entire process start to finish.

Learn about our Disability Rating guide

How will I know this will help?

There is not any definite certainty, however, most say that meetings help

I have more questions, how can I get the answers?

great come join us in a meeting and we can discuss them

Does it cost anything? Is there any catch?